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Sunset Martial Arts


The difference between a Master and a beginner is that the Master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.

Practice means to perform or work at something repeatedly or continuously in order to become more proficient at that specific task. Good practice is to work on improving a specific task or skill. The more proficient we become, the more effective or useful our skill becomes. 

Any skill learned or used needs to be regularly practiced in order to remain proficient.


"Practice makes perfect" is a common saying heard among people. This is a great saying that motivates one to practice regularly. Although this is a useful saying, we prefer to say "Practice makes progress". This is to state that we do not believe in perfection although we strive for it anyway. This removes any limitations to our skills that we are learning and always allows for an open mind to learn and improve more. 

Even a Master is not considered to be perfect. He or she knows that there is no such thing. A master has just become extremely proficient at whichever skill they have mastered. 

Tools are a great way to help master a skill. 

There are an unlimited amount of tools you can use to help improve your skills. We have created practice sheets to help you improve your Martial Arts techniques. 

Master your Martial Arts skills with our practice sheets available for download below. 

Get Your Practice Sheets Here

Need and example of how to fill  out a practice sheet? 

Check it out here:

Example Practice Sheet

Use this example of a beginner practice sheet to understand how to fill it out.

Not only are you getting a great tool to help you practice but you can even earn INNERACTIVE BUCKS for every sheet you complete.
Click the button below to check out our InnerActive Bucks Catalogue.
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