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About the Adult Self-Defense Program

This program will give you a strong start to fitness and self-defence! It was created to motivate teens and adults to get more active AND to learn to defend oneself with more confidence!

Being active and working on health is often a struggle and tedious task for teens and adults alike. Whether it is finding the time, the funds, or the courage to join; there always seems to be something in the way. Let’s put away the reasons and excuses and just jump in!


A great program for beginners, there are many benefits to participating!

Benefits to the Adult Self-Defense Program

  • Learn Basic Self-defence techniques that will give you a good start to being able to defend yourself.

  • Gain self-confidence and feeling of being able to protect yourself if you had to.

  • Improve physical strength

  • Improve General Health such as Cardio, Immune System, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Etc.

  • Weight Loss

  • Stress relief. Exercise and Martial Arts Activity are known to reduce stress

  • Enjoyment! Exercise and Martial Arts Activity release endorphins (The natural happy chemical in our brain)

  • Sense of accomplishment

Why Choose InnerActive Martial Arts

The Art taught by InnerActive is a very self-Defense based Art with many practical techniques that could be used to defend yourself with. Our instructors are always working diligently to improve their own technique proficiency and abilities. That means that our students will always receive a knowledgeable and capable instructor to guide you through your experience. With an unlimited amount of possible situations, we can find a way to defend against anything. Many people are unsure of where or how to start. They may not have the motivation, courage, or incentive to start. We make that “starting something new” experience as comfortable and less nerve-racking as possible!

Have a Professional Development day coming up at work? Try a One Day Self-Defense Workshop. It’s a great way to build confidence in your employees, help keep them safe at and outside of work, and an excellent way to bond and bring everyone closer together!

Group Classes

InnerActive now offers group classes for adults at our Ajax location!


Location: 845 Westney Rd S., Unit 7, Ajax


Date and Time: Tuesdays @ 7:15 Pm - 8:00 Pm


The first 2 are on us! Contact to schedule your FREE classes! 


Contact to Schedule Private sessions.

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