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About 1 to 1 Training & The Fitness Coaching


Private lessons are an excellent way to achieve a lot in a shorter amount of time when compared with group training. A student works directly one on one with an instructor. This gives the student the undivided attention of the instructor for the entire session. The instructor would choose what to focus on for each individual lesson in order to most efficiently advance the student. There are several benefits to choosing Private lesson training.


5 Benefits to doing one to one training:


1. Flexible: Work on a flexible schedule that suits your needs.


2. Time Efficient: Get undivided attention to receive the most out of your time.


3. Specific: Learn and work on the specific elements needed for improved skills.


4. Individualized: Learn in your most suited style of learning.


5. Pace: Learn at your most preferred and most effective rate of speed.


6. Each one of those benefits will bring the fastest, most efficient results.



Why Choose InnerActive Martial Arts


InnerActive Martial Arts Instructors have a wealth of experience and knowledge to work with. Our instructors know how to work to the specific level of each individual person therefore making their classes a more personable and efficient experience. InnerActive has mobile instructors with flexible time schedules so we can work at any convenient location at any convenient time such as mornings, lunch hours, afternoons, or evenings!













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