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inneractive martial arts toronto logo
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Self-Defense Group
Adult Classes
Montessori & Private School
Martial Arts Fitness Programs
Martial Arts Fitness Programs
Martial Arts Group 
Youth Classes

Adult Group Classes


InnerActive now offers group classes for adults

at our Ajax location!


Location: 80 Fuller Rd., Ajax


Date and Time: Tuesdays @ 7:15 Pm - 8:00 Pm




The first 2 are on us! Contact to schedule your FREE classes! 

Call: (416) 858 0090

Martial Arts Training Youth Classes

Location: 80 Fuller Rd., Ajax

Date and Time: Tuesdays & Thursdays 

  • 4:15 - 5:00 Pm Youth Beginner

  • 5:15 - 6:00 Pm Youth Intermediate

  • 6:15- 7:00 Pm  Youth Advanced


  • 6:15 - 7:00 Pm Youth Beginner








Call: (416) 858 0090
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Don't worry the class is on us!

Book a trial class for either our adult or youth programs.

That's right you can get 1 free class totally on us.



About Us


InnerActive Martial Arts was created to share and extend the knowledge of Nerkin Ouj (Inner Power) and to help others find their way to achieving specific personal goals!


Specifically designed to bring Martial Arts technique, Fitness and strengthening, Inner Power and every-day life skills and motivation to anyone, InnerActive Martial Arts brings the program to you. We offer a variety of different programs to meet the needs of the students such as


* Little Ones Martial Arts (preschool/School Age)

* Self-Defence (adults)

* Martial Arts Workshops

* Birthday Parties!!!

* And more...


Our Programs

and Services


Each program is created uniquely to demonstrate and teach character building skills including, but not limited to, discipline, focus, respect, determination, self-confidence and positivity. Focusing on aspects of martial arts we improve muscle strength, cardiovascular and immune system health, weight loss, and general physical health, while always working on improving our Inner Strength and Power.


Luc Trudell: Owner and Instructor at InnerActive Martial Arts:


“I created InnerActive because I want to spread and share the amazing feeling that Martial Arts can provide. I want everyone I can reach to be able to feel the importance of you. To gain the skills you need to achieve anything you want. I want to help people realize that we are way more than what we give ourselves credit for. That we can go way beyond the physical, mental, spiritual limits that we set upon ourselves.


The feeling of success, confidence, achievement, respect, focus, and happiness does not come from Martial Arts itself. It comes from within ourselves. Martial Arts just has the ability to bring those characters out of you and make them shine… If you let it. It’s all up to you.”

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About Luc


inneractive martial arts toronto logo
Inneractive Martial Arts Toronto Sensi


About Sensei Luc


Luc Trudell is a loving father of four, devoted husband and a dedicated Martial Artist in the art of Nerkin Ouj. He is also the proud owner and an Instructor of InnerActive Martial Arts!


Luc received his Black Belt in 2012 at Energy Martial Arts Academy in Scarborough and has received his 1st degree in January 2017. He has been teaching Martial Arts since 2010 and enjoys every minute of it! His experience ranges from working with children and youth students from the early ages of 18 months to teenagers and young adolescents to adult students of any age! Teaching various classes such as traditional Martial Arts (nerkin Ouj), fitness programs, self-defence courses, private class training, and other workshops. He has taught Fitness classes or lunch-time Programs in child care centres and elementary schools.


He has run self-defence courses in high schools and other various locations. He is the head of his “Progression Program” in Ajax where he runs Traditional Martial Arts classes on a weekly basis. He has also directed single day/night workshops which include an introduction to Martial Arts or Fitness.

He continues to train, learn, and advance his skill-set to better serve himself and everyone around him. It is a life-time journey filled with opportunity and continuous growth.

Give us a call. We love hearing from you:
(416) 858 0090
Our work



The children seem to completely gravitate toward their instructor and can’t wait for their next class 


Our kids love Luc's classes. They enjoy being pushed to work hard and they have fun the whole time. He's got a great rapport with the kids and keeps them focused on improving through disciplined practice.


I love the personal coaching class

I take a class every week so fun. Luc is a great teacher. 

inneractive martial arts toronto logo
inneractive martial arts toronto logo

Girls Night Out

Party Package

A true test of girl power!

Self Defense Training

Girls Night Out Party Package

A true test of girl power!

Sometimes we find that women are reluctant to join Martial Arts or self-defense classes. They can feel uncomfortable or intimidated to be in the same classes as men. We totally understand. We also totally want women to feel empowered, strong, confident, and fearless!

Our female self-defense parties allow groups of  friends to learn valuable  martial arts techniques to fend off an attacker in a fun and safe environment surrounded by their friends. 

ABOUT THE EVENT: Held in the comfort of your own home, or at our studio (Upon availability), each event is approximately 2 hours in length. The sessions consist of a warm up, some exercises, and training. The training includes several basic self-defense techniques that, when utilized properly, can be effective in protecting yourself and others when needed. 

  • Bring up to 20 people

  • Wear comfortable clothing that you can exercise and move around in. 

  • Feel free to open a bottle of wine, but drink responsibly!

  • Don't forget the music! If you don't have a access to a blue-tooth speaker, we can bring one.

  • Don't worry, we've got the equipment needed.

  • Instructors are trained and professional

  • Most importantly: Have fun!






PRICE: $300.00

Up to 20 People per group  

Length 2-3 hours 

Girs Night Out Party
Toronto martial arts ying yang


Nerkin Ouj

About The Art Nerkin Ouj

This art is a direct translation for Inner Power. The ability to pull will power from within and use it to strengthen ourselves.

To push beyond our perceived limits, step out of our comfort zone, and become stronger because of it. It places great importance on self-improvement and self-discovery. A non-competitive approach to Martial Arts which allows one to grow at their own pace without the added pressure of skill level, strength, flexibility or over-all health, meanwhile always striving to improve these aspects.


This art is filled with various techniques including forms, kicks, strikes, self-defence techniques, agility moves, and several other skills. This allows for an abundance of learning and endless opportunities for self-improvement.

Self-Mastery is the goal. This is a life-long journey. An incredible, life-long journey.

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